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Euro Tat

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Rockford, IL 61108

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Mon-Thu 10:00am-12:00am
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Website: euro-tat2.com

At Euro Tat, we are made up of a group of committed and talented artists. With a passion for what we do and a desire to do our best for our clients, we provide Rockford, IL guests and visitors with the most incredible tattoos. We offer quality work at convenient prices.

Many of our artists boast many years of experience at Euro Tat, and we offer a tight-knit team that provides expertise and skill that is unmatched anywhere else in Rockford, IL. When you want a tattoo that will look good and feel good, without excessive scarring or mistakes, you want someone with a great reputation and who does an amazing job.

Our group of ten artists allows us to receive many clients on a daily basis, which makes us a favorite tattoo studio in the city. Whether you want to make an appointment for body painting or you would love to get started on a tattoo that means a lot to you, you can choose from a variety of talented and knowledgeable artists at Euro Tat.

We offer gift cards for those who want to do something special for a friend or loved one, and we continually offer deals and convenient prices on all of our tattoo work, piercings, and body art. Contact us today to make your first, but not last, appointment with us.